POLEVAULTER aim high with new single

LEEDS-based militant dance-punk duo POLEVAULTER continue to turn up the heat with today’s jarring new single, ‘Pissed In The Baths.’ 

It’s a cacophonous injection of climate change activism, brimming with hypnotic beats, thick fuzzy bass, and finished with a coat of sharp unnerving darkness.

“The lyrics are about feeling untouchable and trying to sway the tide in your favour, it felt like we needed to start deciding what kind of band we wanna be and what exactly we want to do,” said Jon Franz. “I wrote it on the way to doctors when I needed some strength and it feels to me like an icebreaker, a huge ship riding a wave. It’s closely related to Trend [below] as well in that matter.

“I tied the chorus into it as those lines came from a while ago about warming oceans and rising sea levels, it all got glued together.”

The sonic assault the duo create becomes borderline arrogant, their lyrics boastful, accusing, repellent and inviting, as they question and skewer the veins of masculinity, sexuality, the music industry, and the miserable reality of the North.

LISTEN to ‘Pissed In The Baths’ here: Music | Polevaulter (bandcamp.com)


Jan 31:         Leeds, The Fenton (Album launch)

Feb 02:         Sheffield, Hatch

Feb 03:         Newcastle, Little Buildings

Feb 06:         Hull, New Adelphi.

Feb 07:         Manchester, The Lounge

Feb 08:         London, Old Blue Last

Feb 09:         Bournemouth, Bear Cave (with JOHN)

Feb 10:         Milton Keynes, Craufurd Arms (with JOHN)

(Album artwork Cameron Rolland)

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