NO FLAWS ON FINN: ‘Contact’ Out Now.

FORMER ‘The Flaws’ frontman Paul Finn has recently released his third single, ‘Contact’ an alternative art-rock collaboration celebrating human connection with award-winning dancer Arlene Caffrey taking centre stage in the accompanying music video.

Now heading up his new group, ‘SOMEFINN,’ along with David Marron (Sanzkrit, Derek Ryan), Paul Markey (Sanzkrit), Paul Carolan (Finnian) and Darren Finn, Paul explains the message behind the song.

“It’s tribal,” he says. “It’s a passion cry, a crying out for touch. ‘Contact’ is about seeking connection with someone. It came from an old song idea which has been through many iterations but the one thing that was consistent, no matter how many times the song was rewritten, was this cry: ‘CONTACT,’ that was the thing to build the song around.”

Paul Finn was lead vocalist and songwriter for Irish Choice Music Prize Nominees ‘The Flaws’ who called it quits in 2016, an event which somewhat unusually for these ego-driven times received the blessings of all concerned.

“We were very happy to call it a day. Shane Malone and I had talked about the end of the band for years, so we always knew it was just about to happen. Ending it when we did preserved our friendships and that was more important to us. The Flaws is and was an amazing experience for four lads from Monaghan to be lucky enough to be part of.

“The effect on me was to give me a great appreciation and understanding of being a creative person and at the same time that I’m not a business person. In 2020 The Flaws released a song called ‘All of Us’ which was a demo from the first album, there’s a great album of finished and unreleased songs so maybe a ‘Best Of’ and new album of unreleased things would be a nice thing for The Flaws to do.”

Following the breakup, Finn took up an offer from Shane Clarke to tour as guitarist with his band Elephant. During this two-year period Finn built a studio in his hometown of Killanny, Monaghan where he began writing and recording what would become SOMEFINN’s debut album, ‘…Tsk, Tsk…’ featuring the band’s first two singles, ‘Nobody’s Fool’, and ‘Starlet’s Dream.’

“Musicians are funny because some people are happy to write songs in their bedroom, lockdown may not have changed much for their process but on the other side you have wedding bands that don’t necessarily ‘write’ their own music, but their industry was closed for 18 months, so that is a different angle,” added Finn.

“For me, I hadn’t been playing live music for about two years. In December 2019 after a few weeks of rehearsal SOMEFINN played their first show. I was finishing up the record and then the lockdown hit. There was no pressure from anyone to release it or even care it didn’t affect things too much, so I took the time to slow down and work on mixing the album. “At different times throughout 2020 I would have intense bursts of ideas and went on more than a few writing benders. At some stage towards the end of that year I felt I had a handle on what will be the second SOMEFINN record.

“Releasing my debut album “…tsk, tsk…” was my highlight of the year. Just from a personal goal achieved, secret level unlocked, type accomplishment. It would have been nice to get playing a few shows around the release to launch it so that’s the negative impact. I wasn’t keen on doing web streams, didn’t seem like that was the best way to show how powerful the songs on the album could be live.”

And granted one wish for the future, Finn has a surprising answer.

“Given that opportunity, I would most like to collaborate with Charlotte Gainsburg. Why? I guess I think we’d write something amazing in an indie jazz group with smoky and smouldering vocals.”

A delicious prospect for sure, but until then you can connect with, and listen to, SOMEFINN below:

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Watch ‘Contact’ Music Video HERE

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