LONDON PEAKY invites a different musician each week to select the one album that would accompany them to their desert island.

Today, from Central Alabama USA, please welcome Daniel Tidwell.

I GAVE this a ton of thought, and perhaps even overthought the question a bit. At first, I was going to go with ‘A Slight Case of Overbombing’ by Sisters of Mercy, but then I thought, wait, the mood of that one isn’t going to fit a desert island at all.

Then I thought maybe something anthemic like Queen’s ‘The Game’, but again it’s ‘hit and miss’ in capturing the mood of being stranded on a desert island, no matter how much I may like it.

No, there’s only one album that would truly capture that experience that I would never tire of: ‘Sailing Upon the Times’’ by The Jobs.

This album would easily make my top 100 albums of all time with fantastic songs like ‘La Serena’, ‘The Sunrise Over the Hill’ and ‘Transmission Radio’. And while, technically, it’s only an EP with five songs, there’s no weak links on it.

And I’m hard pressed to think of many albums that even have five tracks that I’d like to listen to over and over again, and still fit the mood of the ‘stranded on a desert island’ experience.

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