MICHELE DUCCI with a massive attack of loose beat poetry & ravaged vocals

FORMER M+A & SANTII member MICHELE DUCCI today teases the release of his debut solo album ‘SIVE’ (June 7, via Monotreme Records) with new single ‘HIC,’ fusing loose beat poetry with ravaged vocals.

“’Hic’ [Latin for ‘here’] came to visit me towards the end of SIVE’s recordings,” said Ducci.

“I was listening to the tapes, it was night, the bathroom in the house had flooded and I had lost my voice. Not being able to continue recording the other songs because of the hoarse and broken voice I decided to make a new one exactly with hoarse and broken voice. I started improvising recording myself without instruments and only with what was left of my voice.

“In two hours, the song was done with some addition of drums and piano. And the nine-song album became a ten-song album, and with my vocal exhaustion I happily looked upon it as a kind of bizarre drunken Armstrong, but I am still grateful for that experience!”

Accompanying the single is a video directed by Marco Catapano, filmed between Paxos and Corfu.

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