LOBSTERBOMB: Berlin’s Finest

FORMED in a Berlin basement in January 2020, garage-rock champions LOBSTERBOMB are one of the leading lights of the German indie scene attracting a rapidly increasing legion of devotees with their energetic, raw and yet, danceable tunes.  

The trio – Nico Rosch (vocals/guitar), Vik Chi (drums) and Crayon Jones (guitar) – met via the Instagram page ‘@weformedaband’ where musicians are able to post classified ads in an attempt to hook up with other like-minded individuals aiming to form a band.

“We met just before the first lockdown, so we were forced to take our time,” said band spokesperson, Crayon Jones. “We are all creative people and music is a natural part of that. We had all had previous attempts at starting bands that never really worked out so when we began playing together and found that we had a focused and productive approach together, it was a good sign that we were a good fit.

“We released our first single ‘Yes Yes Yeah’ in January 2021. Since then, we have released more singles and eventually our debut EP ‘Go! Go! Go!’ in July.

“The EP approaches themes of personal introspection, desire for change and individual growth. Recorded DIY style by the band and mixed by Peter Thoms from popular German punk band ‘Akne Kid Joe,’ ‘Go! Go! Go!’, examines common feelings of frustration, doubt and fear along with a sense of optimism that positive change is within reach.”

The band have been working tirelessly to promote ‘Go! Go! Go!’ with performances in Berlin and throughout Germany, however things haven’t always gone to plan.

“As we organise things ourselves in a DIY fashion, sometimes the admin of booking shows and organising travel can get a bit exhausting and stressful. For example, we were travelling to Frankfurt for a show recently and our train was cancelled five minutes before we left for the station. In the end it was OK, and we were able to get another one not much later, but very stressful for that early in the morning.

“But playing our first few shows has been amazing. There is a big sense of achievement and validation when you finish a show, and you can see that the audience had a good time. We really look forward to simply playing in front of people, to keep having fun and making good memories.

“We write whatever comes spontaneously into our minds. It’s a very intimate expression of a particular moment. There isn’t a higher purpose than to just give the feelings a form and hopefully inspire other people, make them feel understood and seen. We each have quite different music tastes. Whoever writes the song will then make a very basic demo and we will start playing it together to figure out the sound and structure, adding details until it feels right.”

LOBSTERBOMB continue their busy gigging schedule with appearances at Regensburg’s ‘Tiki Beat & Bar Club’ on November 5th, Dresden’s ‘Groove Station’ November 18th, Berlin’s ‘Shokoladen’ November 24th and Munich’s ‘Feierwerk’ December 3rd.

Listen to LOBSTERBOMB here:

Music | LOBSTERBOMB (bandcamp.com)

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