CLEARLY influenced by the likes of Japan, Brian Eno and Boards of Canada, Texas-based ‘Paris Music Corp’ – the moniker of ambient composer John Andrew Paris – have just released their self-titled album and wonderful, chilled video for lead track, ‘Light Speed.’

Hailing from Austin, John Andrew Paris has spent decades creating music and collaborating with numerous artists, including Arthur Brown – ‘The Crazy World of Arthur Brown’ as well as Catastrophe Ballet, Life’s Eyes and Beast of Eden.

“I wrote, recorded, and mastered this album in my home studio in Austin,” said Paris. “Most of it was conceived during the pandemic. Some pieces pre-dated the pandemic in an embryonic state, but 2020 is when I got down to the business of getting those early pieces completed and the new ones written. My inspiration for these pieces is that you never really know when you will pass on, so you best be doing your greatest now.

“There is a certain haunted feeling in some tunes and others just reflect the ambiguity I like in my writing style. It is a body of work I am very proud of. A lot of the ambient works are a result of on-the-spot improvisation. I am influenced by a lot of jazz musicians’ approach to music.”

Cinematic and ethereal, Paris Music Corp. are sometimes ambient and sometimes spacey instrumental electronica. Often with elements of ‘80s darkwave and ambient soundscapes, their trademark sound includes heavily processed guitar and bass instruments locked into layered loops and also employing live hand percussion. The resultant dense soundscapes then proceed to take the listener on a sonic journey to otherworldly places.

The ‘Paris Music Corp.’ album is now available via Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp.

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