KESTINE’S ‘U.N.I.T.Y.’ Out now via FlutterTone

IRELAND’S rising rap star Kestine has just released his first music video of 2021, ‘U.N.I.T.Y.’ a hard-hitting track touching upon the BLM movement and the hypocrisy of those who claim to stand behind the banner of justice and equality.

“Seeing black Irish people establishing themselves and setting a precedence of excellence is astonishing,” he said. “I’m literally seeing history being made. I remember how it was in the early 2000s, when people of African descent started coming to Ireland, the last 21 years have been eye opening.

“However, there are too many of our brothers stabbing each other up and claiming the ‘gang life,’ young black men in Tallaght, Blanchardstown and Cork. It’s sad to see some of us are blind and forget the sacrifices our parents made for us to have an opportunity.

“But I wanted to release this video during October’s ‘Black History Month,’ so we could reflect upon the good and the bad, hopefully learning to be better and consistently strive for greatness.”

The compelling and symbolic video features an eloquent Kestine personifying his words, surrounded by religious imagery.

Growing up in a religious family aided him in understanding and appreciating gospel music. As a choir member he learned how to play the piano, church performances were where he excelled, honing his abilities, thriving on the chaotic energy and limited space to connect with the audience.

As a black Irishman, Kestine has always been an outsider. Growing up he was teased for his affinity towards Michael Jackson. However, that hate only fuelled his passion for music and led him to discover the world of hip-hop and rap, which he began to develop to help vent his frustrations. 

For Kestine, U.N.I.T.Y marks another step towards putting Irish hip-hop on the mainstream musical map alongside the industry giants of the United Kingdom and United States.

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