WHEN I think about a desert island scenario, I’d want an album with a little bit of everything and lots of parts.

This album by Blood, Sweat & Tears, ‘Child is Father to the Man,’ makes me feel something across many spectrums. I am constantly fascinated to my core with the musicianship and writing. I paint vivid images in my head when I hear the elaborate settings propped up with nuance, bold brass, organ, and a splash of reverb.

I get lost in the lifts and falls, accompaniments, the teamwork it must have taken to make this record. It is literally a monument like a spaceship, a testament to what we can do when we put our noggins together. For all these musicians to take a backseat for the sake of a vocal or a brass line has taught me to seek those out that serve the song.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears have a great name, you can tell they put in the work with their performances and dedication to their parts. As long as I had them with me on this desert island, I would stay lost.

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