It’s MARVIN, OTIS, and JAMES…and the greatest song to have emerged from British Columbia

VANCOUVER’S legendary THE VANRAYS – with their astonishing mix of Marvin, Otis, James, gospel, and garage rock – have released new album ‘Hey! Alright Now’ along with accompanying video for lead track ‘Ghost,’ probably the greatest song to have emerged from British Columbia.

Beautifully capturing the emotive depth of the track, the video explores themes of love, redemption, along with haunting echoes of past mistakes.

“Love, is a ghost, that’s been haunting me, love, is a ghost, that only my lover can see.”

 “’Ghosts’ embodies the essence of our collective journey as a band,” said lead vocalist Spencer McKinnon. “It’s a reflection of the highs and lows we’ve experienced, wrapped in a haunting melody that lingers in the soul. If you want to see ghosts, you got to believe, in love.”

Produced by Scott Fletcher, the new album is a rollercoaster ride through the soulful sounds of a bygone era, but with a truly unique, contemporary twist.

“Making the album with the Vanrays was easily as much fun as making their previous full length,” said Fletcher. “It’s the perfect soundtrack for Tarantino’s lost epic ‘70s cop movie! I think we really captured the intensity of this amazing soul group and their ability to present a modern twist on the genre.”




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