I AM A ROCKET SHIP: Dirty, psychedelic swagger.

AMERICAN-SWEDISH indie pop outfit I Am a Rocketship have just released ‘What’s This For’ from their new album ‘Lies and Legends’, following up from the earlier well received ‘Fever Dream’.

Based in Atlanta, the I Am a Rocketship duo Eric Weissinger and L E Kippner, mix smooth impressionistic lyrics, rock guitar and a dash of dirty, psychedelic swagger.

Both raised on folk and classical music, they later discovered bands such as Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine and Massive Attack and now write, record and create art and videos without the involvement of others.

The new ‘Lies and Legends’ album is their most ambitious collection to date, ten songs of lies and legends over reason and love.

“When facts are scary, people turn to belief. I guess these are songs about faith, how it can be comforting, but blinding,” said guitarist and programmer Eric Weissinger. 

All the music on the ‘Lies and Legends’ album was recorded on a notebook computer during early 2021 – a productive year for the band given the amount of time spent under lockdown, with late 2020 also bringing their ‘oRAnGE’ EP, a release mixed with frustration, sadness and rage over the rise of authoritarianism and accelerating environmental collapse.

Eric Weissinger has opened for bands such as The Wedding Present, The Black Crowes, James, Cracker and Portastatic. But everything changed upon meeting L E Kippner – cellist, scientist, radio DJ and singer for Swedish synth-pop duo Neobox. At first forming Hitchcock Blondes in Ohio, they relocated to Atlanta and made a fresh start as I Am a Rocketship.

‘What’s This For’ is available on Bandcamp, where the full ‘Lies and Legends’ album can also be ordered directly from the artist. The album is also available across digital platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

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