HARRISON SCARECROW. ‘Last Days of California.’

LOS ANGELES-BASED Harrison Scarecrow’s third single, ‘Last Days of California’ is out now via Integrity Records.

The song was inspired by the late-night conversations of drifters and alley dwellers who met behind a liquor store, overheard by the band’s vocalist Ryan as he lay sleepless in his apartment during a steamy LA summer.

“I lived on the second floor of an apartment building behind Jr.’s Market & Liquor in LA,” he explained.

“There was no air conditioning so in the summer I’d sleep with the windows open and could hear all the goings-on in the alley behind Jr.’s.

“Vagrants would gather there to drink and chat, telling stories about their past and discussing hopes for the future. The song references the last days of youth, of promise, and of hopes when you’re too old to dream what a young man dreams.”

Heathens in the nightland, call out just like my good-time friends “Hey, man”, the ground around is caving in Every place I go, looks like the same place I’ve been It’s hard to get anywhere

The last days of California

The track was recorded in LA before being mixed by New York’s Rich Pagano (Robbie Robertson, Bob Dylan) while Harrison Scarecrow’s debut album is scheduled for release March/April 2022.

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