HALLINDONTO – Graeme Gerard Halliday – is a Scottish artist originally from Dundee, now based in London.

Hallidonto’s practice and research is centred around his “Cyborgia Manifesto” his work multifaceted, with many layers of meaning. From a complex imagination associated with various media contexts in relation to the future, his visual discourse is motivated by transcribing the sociological developments of our age, the evolution of the human substrate, and its reflection of the future state of humankind; raising questions of what it means to be human within our digital lives, and what was once Human in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

“The essence of the cyborg became my own. The cyborg image has been an integral part of my childhood. The cold war had just ended – the cultural landscape of the 1980’s was very much rooted in the future, the natural feeling of that time was dystopia from the cartoons/films I watched as a kid, the advent of console gaming: Nintendo, etc. The image of man was always his metamorphism into the machine, or the machines taking over. I identified with the cyborg image, and I wanted to be one.”

His work brings together philosophy, postmodernism, and notions of the flesh with the mediated body through drawn revelations of the technological self.

A well-established artist who prides himself in his ability to produce work in consistent large-scale quantities while maintaining a process that is both methodical and informed by historical text and media. His practice to date has seen the production of hundreds of pieces of work, including paintings, drawings, poetry, and VR painting and sculpture, with collections purchased by museums in London, Dundee, Edinburgh, and New York.

Hallidonto is recognized as a champion developer of digital arts, seen particularly as an early advocate for VR tooling, and has an interest in CryptoArt, a growing art market. Working with digital technologies is an ever-changing cycle that Hallidonto has proven to thrive in. He has the ability to work across mediums and platforms to produce a multimedia commentary on the evolution of humanity in the digital age.

Hallidonto has contributed to international debate and policy-making on the topics of artificial intelligence, robotics, and human augmentation, having been invited as a panellist on multiple high-profile speaking engagements, including the BBC, the V&A Dundee, the Festival of Imagination (Central Saint Martins), the Royal Academy of the Arts, and NEW REALITIES event at HERE EAST, and The Posthuman Forum at NYU.

Hallidonto’s work is a testament to the artist’s commitment to contributing to Posthuman/transhumanist philosophy and the international cyborg community.


Royal Academy “Cyborgia Manifesto

Central Saint Martins talk:

With Comic book writer legend Warren Ellis and Dr Jamie Brassett

NYC Posthuman Forum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJffIYI3KKo

In development Opera project:

Sanctum Cyborgia: http://sanctumcyborgia.com/

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