GENETIC EFFECTS: Music From Another Dimension

GENETIC EFFECTS specialises in dispatching an unworldly mix of ambient, triphop, chill and experimental tunes, clearly conceived in another galaxy and launched back to us mere mortals for our enjoyment.

Using drum machines, synths, sequencers, and samplers to create his sound, ‘Dan’ began making music in earnest during his college years and has since been deeply engaged in the process of producing and experimenting with sound.

“In 2012, I did a live improvised performance at Denver’s Hinterland Gallery, pairing the soundtrack with a friend’s art installation,” he explained.

“This pairing was later featured as part of a five-part installation at the Arvada Centre for the Arts. Around this time, I was assembling my first self-release, Mantoac, which I made in my apartment.

“A few more years passed of working and trying to find the energy to make music. I moved north of Denver and had access to an unfinished basement and used that moment to make ‘Aminal Prisms.’

“Now, I live on Hawai’i and have been experimenting with some new ideas and processes. I have released a two-part noise EP ‘Interference’ a kind of ‘sketchbook’ of LoFi ideas called ‘NOimoodSE’ an EP at the beginning of September called ‘Every Adventure Forthcoming’ and there’s more to come in the final months of this year.”

Describing the creative process involved in producing new music, ‘Dan’ lifts the lid on his extraordinary methods.

“It really depends on what style I am after, how I go about putting it together and land on a finished track and chosen sound. I tend to build tracks out of samples I make, other recordings I have done, then sequence them and integrate automated effect processes.

“Lately, I have been auto-tuning my neighbour singing/screaming so I have some incredible samples that I have been randomly mixing with samples I recorded of a different neighbour using a hammer in framing his new home. I have been tweaking these combinations and rhythms and am occasionally beaming them at North Korea.

“I have always wanted to make music with an African Grey parrot and a Lyre bird, because it just seems like they would be some kind of unique collaborative magical glitch machine, out-of-control sampler, and overall generative noisemaker. Something interesting has to come from that process.”

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Listen to ‘Aminal Prisms’ here:

▶︎ Aminal Prisms | Genetic Effects (

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