I’VE been asked what record to take with me to a desert island. That’s a really difficult question, because there are so many good albums. But for this blog I want to leave the mainstream music and go to the underground scene.

The good thing about being an indie musician is that you meet a lot of other indie musicians. It’s where I learned that there’s a lot of good stuff out there which should be known. If I’m stuck on a desert island, I will definitely listen to the album ‘Atom Killer’ by McHaren.

This album is outstanding. If you like heavy guitars and upbeat rock songs, this one will not let you down. The production is top notch. The first song, ‘Centre Of The Sun,’ is a mix between Offspring and Black Sabbath. I really like the guitars. ‘Richochet’ feels like a song from Queens of the Stone age and the next song, ‘Witnie,’ is of my favourites mostly because I like the punk rock vibe.

The same goes for ‘F.P.B.’ There’s that Offspring sound again. It reminds me of that 90’s rock nostalgia. ‘Deep In The Hole’ continues that feeling with grungy guitars, great guitar riffs and a fabulous solo. Another great track is ‘Atom Killer.’ I like the bridge that differs from the rest of the song. It reminds me of ‘Drain You’ from Nirvana — and that’s always a good thing.

The last song I want to mention is ‘On the Farm,’ which is also a great upbeat rock song with a lot of guitars. As you can see, I’m very much a guitar guy. But you probably ask yourself, what about the vocals? Well, I must say, they are great too. It’s a mix between Offspring, Black Sabbath, Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age.

I hope this will encourage everyone to look further than just the mainstream music, because indie music really deserves to be listened to.

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