FINK’s ‘One Last Gift’ before album release

WINDOWS down driving beats, flickering guitars, introspective wonder – it can only be the beautiful new single ‘One Last Gift’ from FINK’s upcoming album, ‘Beauty In Your Wake,’ (July 5 via R’COUP’D).

“I sang into the hole of my nylon guitar through my effects to get this kinda, Thom Yorke-alike vocal flow,” said singer-songwriter, Fin Greenall.

“Tim [Thornton, drums/guitar] came with a grooving riff and a flowing rhythm, and Guy [Whittaker, bass] pulled out his ‘90s rave trousers for a kinda throbbing rave bass line. Somehow this all fits. Like with all of the recordings for this album, I really didn’t want to think too hard about it. This beautiful song didn’t get re-written, re-edited or overworked. I wrote it, sent it to the boys, and then we recorded it in the chapel, as simple as it should be. Just write what is inside you and not what you think you need to.
“‘One last Gift’ really turned into a song about itself, about writing and about how the only person of importance in the process of creation is yourself. That and just wanting your loved one to know if you could do it again, maybe you’d do it differently. Figuring it out in the aftermath I feel is like a classic play for me, for men maybe in general.”

This latest single to be revealed from upcoming album, ‘Beauty In Your Wake’ sets expectations at an even higher level as the long-player – recorded at the new studio of Grammy Award-winning producer Sam Okell – nears next month’s release.
Current confirmed FINK UK tour dates:

Oct 25          London, EartH Theatre

Oct 27          Bristol, Thekla

Oct 28          Manchester, Band on the Wall


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