DOLORES FOREVER: Female rage, and a lifetime of frustration

AHEAD of September’s debut ‘It’s Nothing’ album, indie-pop duo DOLORES FOREVER follow up previous singles ‘Someday Best’ and ‘Why Are You Not Scared Yet?’ with the thought-provoking, ‘Go Fast Go Slow.’

“This song is somewhere to place our female rage,” explained Hannah Wilson, and Julia Fabrin. “It explodes with a lifetime of frustration about being objectified, limited and defined by our gender. Feminism is far from completed and we’re ready to shout about it.

“It blows our minds that the music industry is obsessed with hearing from people who are just 21. As we’ve gotten into our thirties, we have so many more stories, and so much more to say.

“Women connect with each other on this amazing level, even in adulthood, and we wanted to make adult female friendship a little more visible. And to say we should value friendships just as highly as romantic relationships.”

There’s an infectiously playful, yet unapologetic feminist, energy at the heart of the London-based duo who met at a house party in 2018 and instantly became friends. Julia, from Copenhagen, co-wrote the winning 2013 Eurovision entry for Denmark, Only Teardrops, while Londoner Hannah, has written with Kylie and Stormzy.  The result of their combined talents is an album inspired by the last ten years weathering unfair treatment as female songwriters in a male-dominated industry.


LIVE: JUNE 16       Northampton, A Perfect Day Festival    
JUNE 19       London, Moth Club (Album launch show)
AUG 02        Derby, Y Not Festival
AUG 03        Barnsley, Underneath The Stars Festival
AUG 04        Oxfordshire, Wilderness Festival

(Album artwork: Francesca Allen)

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