CHEYANNE’S Desert Island Album

LONDON PEAKY invites a different musician each week to select the one album that would accompany them to their desert island.

Today, please welcome Canada’s Cheyanne Summer.

IF I were to be stuck on a desert island and only had one album I could listen to for all of eternity it would probably have to be ‘The Otherside’ by Cam. That has been one album that for over the past year and a half I continuously want to listen to.

I grew up listening to my moms burned CD collection, which contained a lot of 80s, 90s and 2000s country music, and then of course whatever was playing on the popular radio channel. Then in my early teenage years I bought all the Avril Lavigne albums and some Hedley, Lady Gaga, Ashley Tisdale, Nickelback and Rihanna albums and would listen to them in my stereo at home. Now as a young adult, I am learning how to truly appreciate all types of music and have come to enjoy a wide variety of genres, but I still have a soft spot for good country music.

Cam’s album ‘The Otherside’ is a beautifully constructed album that contains just the right amount of upbeat songs to balance the slower more intimate songs. Her use of live instruments and vocal layering always draws me back to listening to her album time and time again. I love the stories that she tells within each song. You could listen to the album as a whole and understand the story she is trying to tell, or you can listen to each song individually and be engulfed into her vision. Every song is so personal yet extremely relatable.

My favourite songs on the album are ‘Forgetting You,’ ‘Like a Movie,’ and ‘The Otherside.’ The first two I not only love singing but I also love the story she is trying to portray, and I get completely lost in the music. ‘The Otherside’ is a fun counterbalance to bring the mood back up and make you want to groove along with the beat. Every song on this album leaves you wanting more; you don’t want the songs to end because you get lost in the story that she is telling you.

Instead of playing it safe and sticking to what she knew worked from her previous album, she put it all out in the air. She gave us truths, emotion, vulnerability, and passion with this album and that is what is going to make it a timeless ‘Classic’ piece.

( @cheyanne_summer )

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