TEST – 03/06/2023

It’s been a while, lifestyle changes, blah blah blah, decided to bring the site back to life. Expect pretty much what we had before, reviews and plenty of cool vids. And And And And Happy to have put SDP and JJ back up on the front page – two of the more deserving ‘acts’ out…

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AS the familiar world we once occupied fades from memory to be replaced by a dark unpredictable future blighted by fear and isolation, the hugely anticipated debut album from Sky Diving Penguins somehow manages to throw a comforting velvet-clad arm around our collective shoulders, uniting us, easing our worries, and gently whispering that one way…

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JJ LOVEGROVE: Things Only The Dark Knows

JJ LOVEGROVE’S ‘Only THE daRk knows’ EP gets its eagerly awaited release today, a work of such imperious beauty you’ll be listening to it on repeat for days. This is an extraordinary release, no bad thing that at times it’s challenging to define. Perhaps it’s the music The Cocteau Twins mistakenly believed they were creating….

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