WRITTEN in his own unmistakable voice, this is a frank and fascinating account of a geezer’s life in the music business.

Jah Wobble begins by offering the most authentic insider’s account of the beginning of punk rock yet written, but there’s much more to him than that. His is an eventful life, as the celebrated ups – PiL’s The Metal Box, 90s hit Visions of You with Sinead O’Connor – are balanced by major downs – chronic alcoholism and marital breakdown.

It begins with an East End childhood in a London barely recovered from the War and ends with Wobble finally turning his back on London that no longer feels like home. Through the book Wobble tell it like he sees it: his opinions of the great and good from Malcolm McLaren to Peter Gabriel to Brian Eno to Iain Sinclair are refreshingly disrespectful.

( Text courtesy: SERPENT’S TAIL )

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