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AS PARTICLES COLLIDE is the solo music project of Kyle Breidenfield

He began this project in 2018 after bouncing around in other small ideas and bands on and off for many years. He wanted to branch out and create a project of his own. All he ever wanted to do is write and record music. If the music he creates brings anyone any of the feelings music has brought out in him then he’s done all he set out to do with this project.

AS PARTICLES COLLIDE released it’s first five song EP, ‘Fire Fly’ in November 2019. The song ‘Way Up There’ followed in April 2021. It was the first single to come out off the full length album ‘Careful Is What We Wished For’ which came out in June 2021. The entire album underwent another round of mixing after the April 30th release of ‘Way Up There’ to bring out the low end in the drums and bass, this is why the single version has less of a full sound than the one released on the album.

AS PARTICLES COLLIDE has just finished production on it’s second full length album, ‘The Crimson Black’ due out on April 8th 2022. The first single, ‘Kill the Comedian’ has been released today as a music video on YouTube. ‘The Crimson Black’ is a hard hitting dark sci-fi journey. We. Can’t. Wait.

WEBSITE: As Particles Collide

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