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MAGGOT HEART, the Berlin-based alternative/post-punk band who feature guitarist and singer Linnéa Olsson, today launch their latest single, ‘Looking Back at You,’ and further announce new album ‘HUNGER’ pre-orders are now being taken.  

Originally from Sweden, Olsson formed Maggot Heart as a solo project in 2016, having carved out a name for herself in bands like The Oath, Beastmilk/Grave Pleasures.

“‘Looking Back at You’ is one of the more aggressive songs on the album and definitely some of the angriest lyrics I’ve ever written,” said Olsson.

“It is about reclaiming power, and the video plays on the concept of being observed, something like ‘Schrödinger’s Woman,’ one of my faves on the album.”

With two critically acclaimed albums under their belt, the 2017 debut ‘Dusk to Dusk’ and 2020’s ‘Mercy Machine,’ Maggot Heart have been compared to such diverse acts as Patti Smith, Sonic Youth, The Stooges, Killing Joke and Voivod.

‘HUNGER’ was recorded in Berlin and mixed by acclaimed American producer and engineer Ben Greenberg (Metz, Portrayal Of Guilt.)

Catch Maggot Heart live at London’s ‘The Black heart’ on September 11th.

Pre-order HUNGER now: 

Maggot Heart (

404 – Svart Records

Maggot Heart online: Maggot Heart | Instagram | Linktree

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