ONE of the most exciting bands to have emerged from the Scottish indie scene in recent memory, DISTANT IMAGES, are a Glasgow-based duo producing multi-layered, atmospheric, indie dream-pop.

But to merely label them as members of anything remotely approaching the ‘shoegaze’ brotherhood is to do them a huge injustice. Think not of them as producing a wall of sound, but rather a wall of magnificence.

Distant Images are Jilly and Macca whose sound has already drawn comparisons with the Cocteau Twins, and there surely is a modicum of truth there. But there are also hints of a perfectly balanced Cocteau’ spin-off supergroup blended with elements of The Cure and Pink Floyd.

Their debut EP, the perfectly titled ‘A Vision Of Us,’ was written and recorded during the first lockdown and subsequently released via Bandcamp.

“To be compared to artists like Cocteau Twins and Slowdive was just absolutely amazing as we really love them,” said Jilly.

“Honestly, when we released the EP we didn’t think anyone would really hear it but we were totally overwhelmed by the support we had from social media and local radio stations.

“Initially, Macca and I met when he was performing with his band Kinkystone and a few years later I did some backing vocals for them when they were recording their acoustic album. We started writing songs together over the years, but it wasn’t until lockdown we decided to release the music and form the duo.”

Work began on their second EP in February 2021 with ‘Echoes’ the first song released in April followed by ‘Hurricane’ in August – with plenty of activity scheduled for the New Year.

“Our second EP should be released hopefully in January,” added Jilly. “We also have our debut gig on 5th February at ‘The 13th Note’ in Glasgow supporting the fantastic Silver Haar and hopefully will have more gigs lined up in the new year.

“We have had amazing support from the ‘New Music’ community. Social media has been incredible for us as we have had so many fantastic artists supporting us like Arcade State, Silvi, Gefargheist, Silver Haar, Soylent Chiba and John Michie.

“They have been incredible to us by sharing our music and just been really supportive about what we do. We have also been so lucky to have been supported by local and internet radio stations like Sunny Govan, In Your Ears Music and Blue Light Radio.”

One of the freshest sounds to emerge in what has been an incredible past couple of years for indie music, Distant Images are currently unsigned. But I doubt that will remain the case for much longer.


Linktree: @DistantImages | Linktree

Bandcamp: Music | Distant Images (bandcamp.com)

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